QURAS officially released the mainnet on December 19, 2020. We are aiming to complete the token swap (ERC20 to mainnet) by July 2021, and ERC20 XQC is doing a burn for every swap. the progress as of 13:10 on February 26, 2021 is as follows:

  • User token swap burns: 134,136,281 XQC
  • Project token swap burns: 88,889,776 XQC

Details of the burn progress can be found at the following URL:


User token swap burns

General user token swaps and burns are conducted on the QURAS Wallet+ mobile wallet and CoinTiger.

When swapping using QURAS Wallet+, ERC20 XQC is automatically sent to the address 0x00000……

QURAS launched its mainnet on December 19, 2020. We will begin to report our technical progress on a monthly basis.


Privacy for Web Wallet

We are implementing the web wallet privacy feature. As you know, QURAS blockchain supports both anonymous and transparent transactions, however currently only Windows Wallet can make anonymous transactions due to some technical issues. Now we have a solution for this issue, make anonymous transactions possible on light node wallets such as Web Wallet. The development is ongoing, now just beginning and finished some basic features:

  • Generating private wallet parts.
  • Encrypted communication feature part.



(chrome extension wallet) we just began the development of chrome extension wallet. And we finished basic features (get balance, get tx history). …

In order to make the QURAS blockchain available to as many users as possible, We have released a variety of wallets on multiple platforms. There are functional differences in the QURAS wallets for each platform due to restrictions derived from the platform.

This article describes the features and functional differences of the wallets that have been released as of February 1, 2021.

Types of wallets

Currently, You can use the following QURAS wallets.

Mobile Wallet (Quras Wallet +)

QURAS Wallet + is a wallet for iOS and Android. Specializing in sending and receiving, it supports BTC, ETH, ERC20 XQC, Native XQC, and XQG. The…

The total number of XQC issued is 888,888,888 XQC. This is assured by the code that the maximum number of issuances cannot be changed. This means that no additional XQC will be issued in the future.

The token allocation for the XQC is as follows:

Private Sale: 26.35% is allocated to initial investors through a private sale. It is locked up for 8 months and 1/8 of the lockup will be unlocked every month starting one month after the initial listing date (November 16, 2019).

Team: 10.00% is allocated as compensation to the founders and founding team. It is locked…

We announced a partnership with Moonstake in April 2020, and since then we have been looking to expand our mutual community. And with the most recent update, Moonstake now supports XQC staking! This will give users a staking option other than the QURAS Wallet.

Users who want to stake on Moonstake will be able to earn XQG by transferring native XQC to the Moonstake Wallet after the token swap.

We launched the QURAS mainnet on December 19, 2020. And we will start the token swap around January 20th, 2021. The token swap exchange ERC20 XQC for Native XQC. ERC20 XQC tokens are burned.

After the token swap, You can automatically stake XQC coin and you will earn XQG which is the GAS coins of the QURAS blockchain, as a staking reward.

Token swap can be done on the official QURAS wallet and on the CoinTiger which is the cryptocurrency exchange.

Token swap using the official wallet

Token swap using the official QURAS wallet can be executed with the “QURAS Wallet+”, which is compatible with iOS…

As we have already reported at the “QURAS blockchain: Mainnet Ignition” launch event, QURAS has conducted the Trusted Setup Ceremony (hereafter referred to as the ceremony). Originally, the ceremony was planned to be held in the 2nd quarter of 2021, but it has been moved up significantly. As a result, anonymous transactions with zk-SNARKs will be available from the mainnet launch of the QURAS blockchain!

Significance of Trusted Setup Ceremony

The ceremony is conducted to ensure the credibility of zk-SNARKs.

One of the most important things in integrating zk-SNARKs into the QURAS mainnet is, “Are transactions using zk-SNARKs really invisible to third parties?” …

After three years of planning, QURAS finally launched Mainnet on December 19th.

On that day, an event called “QURAS blockchain: Mainnet Ignition” was held, and under the signal of QURAS CEO Shigeki Kakutani, the mainnet was launched.

It has been a long time coming.

After three years in the making, the QURAS blockchain, which was developed to protect the privacy of any blockchain transactions, will finally launch on December 19, 2020.

The QURAS blockchain will allow users to choose what information they want to open or hide, and to use different privacy technologies depending on the characteristics of the information.

The launch of Mainnet will take place during the event “QURAS Mainnet Ignition” on December 19. Please come and see the beginning of the new blockchain for yourself!

Event details and registration:


The event can be watched on YouTube. If you can’t make it on the day, you can watch it later.

In the week of November 23, 2020, the long phase of blockchain audit and fix has been completed, and finally the date for the mainnet launch of the QURAS blockchain has been set!

Mainnet will launch on December 19th, and on that day we are hosting a launch event.

Launch Event Summary

Date: December 19th, 2020

Time: 11:30(GMT), 03:30(PST)

Duration: 60mins-90mins

  1. QURAS CEO opening speech
  2. QURAS lead developer presentation
  3. QURAS partner introduction (Moonstake, Nigeria Blockchain User Group, TECHFUND, CROSSLINK, and more)
  4. Mainnet Ignition
  5. Development materials introduction
  6. QURAS App introduction

QURAS is a blockchain protocol project, and strengthening partnerships and expanding…


Secret Contract Platform for Privacy 2.0

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