The QURAS blockchain and wallet audit progress is now in its final stages. This article is a follow-up to “Progress of privacy technologies audit by TECHFUND Inc. — 3rd Report”.

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Progress since the Third Report

In the third report, we described that we had finalized the specifications after adjusting the smart contract fees and node fees, and that we were about to launch the beta net and, if there were no problems, we would start the final audit.

Progress differences since then are as follows:

September 23: BetaNet Launch

The BetaNet is an environment that is intended to be the mainnet. After the launch of the BetaNet, we checked that the network was working to specifications. …

XQC has been listed on 1inch, a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator.

About 1inch

1inch is an aggregate service for DEX. Although there are some DEXs with high liquidity, many DEXs have little liquidity, making it difficult to exchange large lots. Therefore, 1inch allows you to execute large-lot orders by splitting the trade between different DEXs. In addition, the DEX with the lowest spread is automatically selected for trading, thus reducing trading losses.

In addition, due to the recent surge in Ethereum GAS, 1inch has released the CHI Gas Token, which is pegged to the GAS price of Ethereum and can be used to trade 1inch, cutting the GAS cost of a 1inch trade in half. …

XQC has listed on Mooniswap which is a decentralized exchange (DEX). This is the second DEX listing for XQC, following Uniswap v2.

What is Mooniswap?

Mooniswap is a swap type DEX by 1inch that offers DEX aggregate services. It features a cutting-edge automated market maker (“AMM”) that redistributes revenue to liquidity pools and protects projects and traders from front-running attacks using user slippage.

Unlike other DEXs, Mooniswap allows liquidity providers who provide liquidity to earn a portion of the price slippage profits. This mechanism increases the revenue earned by liquidity providers by 50–200% compared to Uniswap v2. It also provides an affiliate feature, which is rare for DEX, allowing users to earn 0.015% of the 0.3% …

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XQC has been listed on the decentralized exchange Uniswap v2 (“Uniswap”).

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens. A mechanism is in place to allow users to provide liquidity to the exchange, which solves the lack of liquidity that has been a problem for decentralized exchanges. It has already surpassed the trading volume of U.S. largest Coinbase Pro, and is expected to become the world’s leading DeFi hub.

Why this timing?

The QURAS blockchain mainnet is planned to be launched in November, after which ERC20 XQC will be swapped to native tokens. Once swapped, XQC will be available on the QURAS platform. Meanwhile, the Ethereum platform on which ERC20 XQC is currently circulating is significantly growing. …

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Since announcing the postponement of the Trusted Setup Ceremony in May 2020, we have been conducting an audit of the revised privacy technologies on the QURAS blockchain under the updated mainnet release policy.

This announcement is the third in a series of progress reports. You can read the first and second reports to understand the detailed history of the project.

Progress since the second report

In the second report, we completed the ring signature fixes and zk-SNARKs audit and fixes, as well as the audit and fixes of the consensus algorithm TSdBFT.

We have finalized the smart contract fees and nodes fees as a difference from since then. …

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Since announcing the postponement of the Trusted Setup Ceremony in May 2020, we have been conducting an audit of the revised privacy technologies on the QURAS blockchain under the updated mainnet release policy.

As of August 6, the audit continues to be conducted by TECHFUND.

In our last announcement, we announced that the audit of the ring signatures had been completed and the first round of feedback received. The progress made in a month is as follows:

  1. [Privacy technology] Ring signature correction completed
  2. [Privacy technology] zk-SNARKs audit and correction completed
  3. [Blockchain engine] TSdBFT (Transaction Sharing delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) audit and correction…

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We have released the QURAS Wallet for mobile. QURAS Wallet is available for iOS and Android.

The wallet released is compatible with the ERC-20 XQC, which is currently in circulation, and we are planning to support XQC and XQG on the mainnet too. After the mainnet goes live, we will update the mainnet to support XQC and XQG.

Download the QURAS Wallet

You can download the QURAS Wallet from the following links.

For iOS users:

For Android users:

Features of the QURAS Wallet

  • Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Quras coin (ERC20 XQC)
  • Multi-Signature compliant Bitcoin (BTC) wallet
  • Address book
  • Fiat currency rate view
  • Multi-language support
  • PIN/Biometric…

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Since announcing the postponement of the Trusted Setup Ceremony in May 2020, we have been conducting an audit of the revised privacy technologies of the QURAS blockchain under the updated mainnet release policy.

The audit is being conducted by TECHFUND Inc. based in Japan. TECHFUND is a technology support company that invests in technology, mainly targeting startups and undertaking equity in return.

The audit we are currently conducting is one of the most important processes for the QURAS project to ensure that “privacy is INDEED protected” because we are committed to privacy on the blockchain.

As of July 1st, the audit of the ring signature has been finished and we have received one feedback from them. We are currently working on revisions to the implementation of the ring signature. We will conduct re-audit. …

Hello all,
Thank you for your continued support of the QURAS project.

Unfortunately, we need to announce the postponement of the Trusted Setup Ceremony (hereafter referred to simply as the “ceremony”).

We had planned to hold the ceremony after a code audit of the blockchain engine by a third party company.

However, the impact of the new coronavirus made it difficult for teams to work together, resulting in delays in development.

In addition, we were unable to hold the ceremony in the way we had originally planned, so our project was looking for a new way to hold it.

In an effort to find new ways to do this, we contracted an outside firm that specializes in privacy protection technology to conduct an audit. …

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QURAS team is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with the staking pool Moonstake.

Staking provides an opportunity to participate in the ecosystem through blockchain transaction approval work and can be expected to attract more active users to the staking pool.

At QURAS, we’ve been exploring which staking pool to partner with initially as the main net goes live, and the Moonstake team, with an experienced team, was exactly the kind of partnership we were looking for.

Alex Hui, the Director of Moonstake, had the following to share with us:

Moonstake is delighted to welcome QURAS to the Moonstake family. Our accelerated growth and client development is evidence of a strong staking market. We aim to be a part of the leaders in the expansion of this industry. …



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