All You Wanted To Know About QURAS Mainnet

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Recently, we have been receiving more questions about mainnet operations from the community.

The QURAS blockchain has been under code audit since January 2020. In the code audit, a third party confirms does the blockchain operates as specified and checks is there a defect or security hole in the blockchain.

If a blockchain is released with a bug, the service running on the blockchain could be affected. As such, code audits are one of the most important processes for ensuring blockchain quality.

At the end of the code audit, the blockchain is modified based on the auditor’s suggestions, and finally, the mainnet goes live.

QURAS is a public blockchain and requires no permission to use it. In other words, when the main net of QURAS starts, QURAS will become a public value transfer infrastructure that can be used by literally anyone.

From here, we will introduce the operations of the QURAS main net for the participants.

Mainnet operations for general users

General users will be able to use QURAS freely by operating the main net.

Users will be able to use QURAS coins (XQC) and QURAS GAS coins (XQG), which are the main assets of QURAS, as well as token exchange, and all applications running on QURAS. To use these, users will have to pay XQG as a transaction fee.

In addition, users can protect their privacy, by hiding the exchange from third parties. The scope of privacy protection extends to transactions on smart contracts that could not be performed with the blockchain technology until now.

Mainnet operations for developers

Application developers will be able to provide services using QURAS. For example, they will be able to issue their own tokens, raise funds, and provide services that can use those tokens as payment.

Unlike other blockchains, QURAS can apply privacy protection to smart contracts. As a result, it will be possible to launch services that handle content that requires confidentiality, which could not be provided because of the transparency of blockchain until now.

In addition, by providing services using QURAS, it will be possible to earn a part of commission income when smart contracts and token transactions occur.

At the beginning of QURAS mainnet, C# is supported as a smart contract development language. We plan to support major languages ​​after that.
Some developer documentation has already been published, and you can check the content on If you feel there is something you could use and haven’t seen it so far in our documents, let us know. And feel free to send us feedback from the developer’s point of view.

Mainnet operations for investors

QURAS Coin (XQC) is already on the market despite the main network of QURAS not being released yet.

XQC is currently distributed is an ERC20 standard token issued on the Ethereum blockchain (hereinafter referred to as ERC20-XQC). In other words, it is a temporary figure of QURAS coin.

When the main net is running, ERC20-XQC is no longer required because “true XQC” can be used on the QURAS blockchain. Therefore, you have to swap from ERC20-XQC to true XQC (this is called token swap).

In a token swap, investors must swap their own ERC20-XQC in their wallets. A token swap method is currently under consideration and is not yet ready to be announced, but will be implemented in a couple of months.

In addition, the issuance of XQG will commence with the operation of the main net. XQG can be obtained by holding and staking XQC. XQG may also be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, and holding XQC will give investors new opportunities to profit from XQG.

Thank you for reading!

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