How Can Blockchain Help Us Secure a Voting Process?

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Voting is one of the most important traits of a democratic society. It ensures fair representation and an equal voice for all when it comes to decision making. The more critical the decision, the more people needs to vote on it. As such, it has become quite difficult to track each voter’s legitimacy to participate effectively. On top of that, there are also issues involving a lack of transparency and potential corruption which often is a cause of low voting count. In this article, we will explore the ways how blockchain can help with these issues.

How it Would Work

Before we go in deeper, we need to know how blockchain in voting would work. The registration process would still take place off the grid. Once voter registrators determine someone eligible to vote, they would get a token or a key that would enable them to make exactly one vote. This mechanism is used to solve double spending problem and can be easily applied to prevent double voting as well.

The whole voting process needs to be decentralized, meaning that there are no central agencies that must be trusted in order to have fair and secure elections. Anyone can participate and become a node in the network — as long as they meet the requirements set by the registration body. This means a collective guarantee that the system is fully online during the voting and that all the votes are counted correctly.


Voting security has become a frequently debated topic among the experts as well as ordinary people. It seems that everyone agrees that elections always need to be transparent and secure. Blockchain technology can help with both. The transparent system which is at the same time nearly impossible to hack.

The blockchain would enable us to verify the votes right after the voting process is finished, and giving an exact number of votes. This can be achieved without any centralized body overseeing the results. Any vote is counted and has to be fully verified, ensuring that no security breaches have happened in the process.

Transparent Elections

Last but not least, full transparency of elections can be brought by open-source voting platforms. Anyone can easily audit its functionality and make sure that it works the intended job properly and with accuracy. A trustless voting system is one of the ways to ensure a fool-proof election model.

Currently, each election is followed by allegations of fraud and corruption. In order to put an end to this, we should use the technology that can ensure the full validity of the system.


Still, people do not understand the blockchain and the technological advantages it brings. At the rate we are currently innovating, we can expect to see blockchain adoption grow over the years. Using a distributed ledger for voting can solve many problems and help us build a safer and better world for our children. Getting people informed about it is the first we can take.

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