How to Check If You Have Been Hacked?

Following the guide about staying safe online, we have decided to create this article. As more and more hacking attacks happen every day, those worried about their online safety require some way to check if their accounts were exposed in some of the hacks that happen across the websites and apps we use daily. In order to help you find out more about the status of your accounts — here’s a list of data breach detention websites which hold info about hacked accounts.

Have I Been Pwned

Once you open the site, you’ll see a basic search bar and a list of the latest and most significant breaches. Simply type in your email address or username, and the site will search the data and present any red flags. You can also search for more sensitive breaches, but only if you take the time to verify your email address. It’s a simple and easy-to-use website and it is clear that its founder Troy Hunt really cares about the security and this sort of white hat work.

Breach Alarm

This service is more oriented toward small businesses or large families, so you may prefer BreachAlarm, and it’s organized approach to data breaches.


This tool is not as easy to use as the others listed and unless you pay, some search results will be censored, but it’s very comprehensive, making it a great alternative tool to see if you have vulnerable accounts.

Sucuri Security Scanner

Sucuri likewise offers a broader suite of security and malware removal services than most, with fees that reach hundreds per year for the professional options. It can be also used as a WordPress plugin and a Chrome extension for better and more consistent monitoring.

How do these data breach detention websites work?

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Secret Contract Platform for Privacy 2.0

Secret Contract Platform for Privacy 2.0