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Hello everyone,
Welcome to the official blog of Quras. Here we will write about all things related to the company, post useful information for our community and inform you about the latest developments in the projects we are working on. Let’s start by explaining what is Quras project all about.

What is Quras project?

QURAS is a platform for secret contracts and crypto-tokens that utilize the
blockchain technology to facilitate a secure anonymous platform.

By using the QURAS platform, anyone who wants to utilize
big data for various purposes can either use the QURAS token directly or create and operate his/her secret smart contracts on the Quras blockchain.

By enabling private transactions of tokens on QURAS blockchain, complete anonymity is gained, without traceability. All private information is protected with the use of a secret contract. Also, we are developing a file storage system for the keeping of the private information which is obtained through DApps and secret contracts.

With the tagline “Privacy 2.0”, Quras platform is aiming to provide robust privacy protection, but not just that. Our long-term vision is to develop big data protection, a cross chain that can respond to flexible payments, privacy-focused operating system, and DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) cryptocurrency.


In addition, we are developing Dapps which serves as a use case model and helps in promotion of QURAS platform. This Dapp will grant cryptocurrencies to its users for just taking a walk. The app will also allow users to enjoy in the games and get to know other community members. Furthermore, it will be possible to remit cryptocurrencies such as QURAScoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash via in-app messenger.

We aim to be a friendly platform that allows projects to collaborate with ease. For that reason, we are developing a distributed network that shares transaction fees of tokens not only to QURAS networks but also to token holders.

Final word

As you can see, a long road lies ahead of us, and we are working hard to make Quras shine. In the following days, we will post more, and you will be able to get to know our team, technical aspects of the project, on which events and conferences you can meet us and what challenges we face ahead. Stay tuned!

You can follow our development on our social media channels:


Kind regards,
Quras team

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Secret Contract Platform for Privacy 2.0

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