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Introduction to Quras Dapps

A shift in our way of perception had begun when Bitcoin made us reassess our definition of Store of Value (SoV). But this was not the only thing that came with cryptocurrencies — we also got a sneak peek into the future: a world of decentralized applications (Dapps). These distributed, scalable, transparent and incentivized applications are already starting to prove themselves to the world by reinventing the way technological landscape functions.

Since Dapps are still a concept in its infancy, there is more than one definition of the idea. That being said, there are apparent common features of Dapps:

  • Open Source. Ideally, each Dapp should be governed by autonomy and all decisions should be brought by the consensus or a majority of its users supporting the option. Its code base should be open source and available for inspection.
  • Decentralized. All records of the application’s processes and transactions must be stored on a fully decentralized and public blockchain to avoid traps of centralization.
  • Incentivized. Blockchain validators should be motivated with the rewards in cryptocurrency tokens.

Quras aims to create Dapps during the initial development. We all know that GPS doesn’t work well inside the closed space. So it is hard to tell on which floor are you, or what is your exact location in a big museum/gallery/stadium or shopping complex. To solve this problem Quras coin will work with Estimote-provided Ibeacons. Also, it will be able to provide data such as how many times a user was on his office desk, or how many times the same user came to a particular shop. Based on this information shop owner can reward user’s loyalty with Quras Coin. Benefits of Estimote Software Development Kits (SDK) are:

• Can detect which floor a user is in
• The user doesn’t need to run or open the app
• BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) uses a minimal amount of power

A registered vendor who has Ibeacon registered in our Quras Chain will able to track their customers’ data such as waiting time, congestion and customer retention in real life.

The advantage of adding Quras network with Estimote SDK will have a significant impact on the GPS data available for business. We perfected the security aspect of Estimote connection and address the issue of big data storage concerns, which will need to compute a large number of beacon data. It’s not possible to break Quras encryption and ZKsnarks tech, so no fake data will be registered.

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The first glance at the GPS and walking Dapps

As a proof of concept, we developed software where Qurascoin and our partners’ tokens are granted as a reward for walking a certain distance. The data is collected from IoT devices, and we are able to store big data using Tor and authenticated storage via Quraschain.

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