Introduction to QURAS GAS coin (XQG) Part 2

The QURAS blockchain handles two types of coins, QURAS coins (XQC) and QURAS GAS (XQG).

We get quite a number of questions about XQG, so we’ve decided to share more details about XQG today.

In the first article, we looked at the issuance of XQG. This time, we will introduce specific uses of XQG.

Uses of QURAS GAS Coin (XQG)

QURAS GAS Coin (XQG) is used as a commission on the QURAS blockchain (in the world of blockchain, it is called GAS, as a fuel for the network).

XQG is used for the following purposes:

XQG is used as a remittance fee for XQC and XQG. In each case of remittances, the fees are based on the following rules:

Remittance to Transparent address

Remittance to the Transparent address is a form of remittance that allows a third party to know the status of the remittance.

With this remittance, the user is free to decide on the price of the commission within the prescribed range. The higher the commission, the more money will be processed by the consensus node.

Remittance to Anonymous address / Stealth address

Remittance to Anonymous address / Stealth address is anonymous remittance where the remittance status is unknown from third parties. This remittance has a fixed commission.

Applications other than remittance of QURAS GAS coin (XQG) will be smart contracts. QURAS uses XQG to run the smart contract engine Quras Virtual Machine (QurasVM).

Fees for smart contracts are divided into fees for deploying (deploying) smart contracts and fees for executing them.

Deployment Fee is a fee for deploying a smart contract on the QURAS blockchain.

When deploying smart contracts on the blockchain, you pay a fee for consensus node disk space usage and system calls.
The fee system is as follows.

Image for post
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Deployment Fee structure

Implementation Fee is a fee for executing a smart contract. If the commission is insufficient, the execution of the smart contract will fail.
The fee system is as follows.

Image for post
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Implementation fee structure

The above are the uses of XQG that have been confirmed at the current state of QURAS. In the future, XQG will be available for distributed storage fees.

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