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QURAS is always looking for partnerships to accelerate the project’s expansion. This time, the fourth listing destination is Bitsonic.

The listing is scheduled for January 15, 2020.

Bitsonic Listing Details

QURAS Coin (XQC) will be listed on Bitsonic on the following dates:

Trading start: January 16, 2020 15:00

Trading pairs: XQC / BTC, XQC / USDT

* The time is Japan time (GMT + 9).

About Bitsonic

Bitsonic is a digital currency exchange operated by Korean Internet service company Skoopmedia. The exchange is in the top 10 exchange rankings in Korea.

Bitsonic offers 180 altcoin trading pairs through Binance API and is actively working on providing new services to users, such as returning commission income to token holders, for the first time as a Korean exchange. You. In 2020, we plan to launch services in the Vietnam market.

<Official Bitsonic Website / SNS>


Telegram channel (Korean):

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