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QURAS is always looking for partnerships to accelerate the project’s expansion. This time, the third listing destination is CoinTiger.

The listing is scheduled for December 11th.

CoinTiger listing details

QURAS Coin (XQC) will be listed on CoinTiger on the following dates:

  • Deposit start: December 10, 2019, 17:00
  • Transaction start: December 11, 2019, 17:00
  • Withdrawal started: December 12, 2019, 17:00

* The time is Japan time (GMT + 9).

The trading pair will be BTC / XQC and will be expanded later on.

See the CoinTiger announcement page for details.

About CoinTiger

CoinTiger is a global exchange based in Singapore.

It is ranked 10th in the exchange global ranking in transaction volume, and already has 2.8 million registered users, and 120,000 daily active users. It is also supported by over 180,000 strong community users.

CoinTiger is not just an exchange service, it also provides fund support, financial services, IEO and consulting services to grow projects.

<CoinTiger Official Website / SNS>

Information about QURAS

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