Mainnet launch ceremony is scheduled for December 19

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In the week of November 23, 2020, the long phase of blockchain audit and fix has been completed, and finally the date for the mainnet launch of the QURAS blockchain has been set!

Mainnet will launch on December 19th, and on that day we are hosting a launch event.

Launch Event Summary

Date: December 19th, 2020

Time: 11:30(GMT), 03:30(PST)

Duration: 60mins-90mins

  1. QURAS CEO opening speech
  2. QURAS lead developer presentation
  3. QURAS partner introduction (Moonstake, Nigeria Blockchain User Group, TECHFUND, CROSSLINK, and more)
  4. Mainnet Ignition
  5. Development materials introduction
  6. QURAS App introduction

QURAS is a blockchain protocol project, and strengthening partnerships and expanding the blockchain developer community is essential to growing its use cases.

Therefore, Alex, the development leader, will speak at the event. In addition, Moonstake, Nigeria Blockchain User Group, TECHFUND, and CROSSLINK, which have already announced their partnership with QURAS, will also give presentations and showcase their efforts.

You can register for the event at Eventbrite below. Please join us in launching a new blockchain!

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