Monthly Technical Progress in August, 2021


We have made the following changes:

  • Updated the server configurations.
  • Updated the Backend and API services to get the private tx history on light-node.


We had fixed a bug of web privacy feature and updated to v2.1.3

Quras Server:

We have moved all consensus servers to Vultr service.


Windows wallet:

We have released windows wallet(v6.0.0.2) and updated the ip configuration.

Web wallet:

We had fixed a history list issue on web wallet:

Transaction history can’t be shown when users have anonymous/stealth transactions, now the history list of web wallets shows transparent transaction part of a wallet, the support of anonymous/stealth transaction list will be added later.

Mobile wallet:

We had made the following changes on the mobile wallet servers:

  • Updated the ethereum nodes of the mobile wallet server, in order to adapt the ethereum London hard fork.
  • Fixed an ethereum transaction fee issue on the server.



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