Monthly Technical Progress in May, 2021

1 min readJun 1, 2021



We have updated JSLib(quras-js) to 2.0.8, added an api to check the address format of quras blockchain(check if an address is transparent, anonymous or stealth address).



We had updated the wallet file format of qurasmask, now qurasmask and web wallet are using the same wallet file(*.quras), which means users can use the same wallet file on both qurasmask and web wallet.

Web wallet:

We had made following changes on web wallet:

  • Updated web wallet’s wallet file format, makes the wallet file the same as qurasmask, users who are using old wallet files can update their files to new format on the web wallet.
  • Fixed some UI display issues on the send coin page of the web wallet, now when a user tries to make a transaction, it will show the fee of that transaction.

Mobile wallet:

We have made the following changes on mobile wallet, and will release those changes on version 2.0.5 next month.

  • Fixed some text issues on the mobile wallet app.
  • Fixed some issues on the server side(token swap, transfer coin, import seed).
  • Added a popup notification dialog, users can get the latest news about quras on this version.