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Besides secret contracts and other privacy-protecting technologies, in the last months we have also been working on cryptocurrency settlement. QURAS was able to successfully obtain more than 100 stores for QURAS coin (XQC) settlement before the launch of the mainnet.

This means that the popularity of QURAS is next to Bitcoin in the area of transaction settlement using cryptocurrency in Japan, meaning it is number one in altcoin!*1

There are various types of stores that expressed interest in QURAS coins. Most of the participating stores are salons and relaxation salons. However, cryptocurrency settlement is generally used in the food & beverage and web service industries. The fact that there are now more salons and relaxation salons show that the demand for QURAS is growing.

The list of participating stores also includes the entertainment industry, for example — a skate park, simulation golf, and many other types of businesses including tourist sites, restaurants, retail stores, and chain stores.

The settlement service is scheduled to start from the launch of the mainnet of QURAS blockchain. As QURAS coins are actually used, we expect their value to increase.

*1 Based on the following data as well as information:

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The following companies are just a few examples of coin settlement shops (scheduled):

【DIAMANT by Miss eye dor】

DIAMANT is a salon that specializes in eyelash extension. It has five locations including the headquarters in Nagoya City, Nagoya Prefecture. Various services are available at DIAMANT to fulfill the detailed needs of clients who pursue beauty. It is famous for its long-lasting eyelash extensions.

DIAMANT’s website:

【River Cruise】

Nakasu, is a bustling street in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Tourist attractions in Nakasu include river cruises. Cruise ships depart near the Fuku-haku Deai Bashi bridge so that patrons can enjoy views of the big city from the cruise ship.

Two popular cruises are: Nakasu Cruise in which the city of Fukuoka can be enjoyed from the water, and Hakata Gulf Cruise, in which the view of the gulf can be enjoyed. Private plans and BBQ plans are available for those who want to enjoy more.

River Cruise’s Website:

Benefits of Being a QURAS Coin Settlement Shop

Other than the stores mentioned above, there are more than 100 additional stores scheduled to be participating stores for QURAS coin settlement. For more details on the participating stores, please check “QURAS coin settlement participating stores” at the end of this article.

These stores will be listed in an interlocking map type app that will be released by QURAS in the near future. The goal of the app is to make the use of cryptocurrency fun and interactive. With this app, users can easily find participating stores with QURAS coin settlement and earn rewards with cryptocurrency or special promotion when those users visit the participating stores. A full list of stores will be advertised within the app.

The number of the participating stores with cryptocurrency settlement is still low compared to others, but fans of the currency will go out of their way to visit those stores just to experience it. As cryptocurrency settlement’s popularity increases, the stores’ ability to accept cryptocurrency may play a role in attracting customers into their stores as well as gaining new ones.

The stores listed in this article are just the beginning, and more stores are expected to participate. The task of finding stores to participate before the mainnet launch is completely new in the blockchain industry.

<Markets where QURAS is listed>

Bithumb Global



Having Secret Contract Platform for Privacy 2.0 as its concept, QURAS aims to raise the revolution of information protection by using cutting-edge blockchain technology.

By using QURAS, the utilization of public blockchains in areas requiring high confidentiality becomes possible. Also, by implementing a system to return transaction fees to smart contract/token issuers, we expect to improve the continuity of the blockchain project.

Also, several staking options are made available to increase incentives for participants of blockchain’s ecosystem.

Official information regarding QURAS

QURAS coin settlement stores (scheduled)

Let us introduce some of the QURAS coin settlement stores (scheduled)!

*If a shop has several locations, only its main shop is listed.

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