Privacy News (13–19 January 2020)

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QURAS seeks to protect the privacy of every transaction on the blockchain. We follow the privacy trends in the world and share the stories that members of the QURAS project may find interesting.

So, let’s summarize the privacy news from January 13 to 19, 2020.

Zcash Poised to Finally Have Private Transactions on Mobile With SDK Release

From Cointelegraph — January 16, 2020

Although the digital currency Zcash (ZEC) is known primarily as an anonymous currency, it has finally released a mobile software development kit (improved for Android, new for iOS).

In fact, Zcash is called an anonymous currency, but there is background evidence that anonymous payment was not used much. That was because the processing of anonymous transactions (shielded transactions) was too heavy.

Zcash implemented Sapling on October 28, 2018, significantly reducing the processing of anonymous transactions. Specifically, the required memory usage was reduced from 4GB to 40MB, about 1/100, and the authentication was faster, so it became possible for smartphones to perform anonymous transactions.

We expect to see higher usage of anonymous transactions in a mobile environment now due to the availability of software development kits for two major mobile operating systems.

Tron to Include Zcash-based Privacy Features

From Cointelegraph — January 18, 2020

Public blockchain project TRON has announced that it will soon apply zk-SNARKs, a privacy technology developed for the Zcash, to their mainnet.

By implementing zk-SNARKs on the mainnet, it will be possible to execute anonymous transactions on TRON smart contracts. In the future, they will aim to implement a protocol to protect private data of smart contracts.

In addition, TRON implements Multi-Party Computation (MPC). By implementing MPC, encrypted data can be calculated as encrypted. For example, you can add “encrypted 1” and “encrypted 5” to calculate “encrypted 6”. This allows processing to be performed on the blockchain while maintaining data privacy.

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