Privacy News December 2, 2019

QURAS is committed to protecting the privacy of all transactions on the blockchain. In this series, we will present the trends in privacy that the members of the QURAS project were interested in.

This is privacy news for the week of December 2, 2019.

Grin developer: Litecoin closer to gaining privacy features with MimbleWimble

Litecoin (LTC), which is also handled by the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, is using a privacy technology called MimbleWimble to add confidential trading capabilities.

David Burkett, a developer of Grin ++, posted progress on Litecoin’s Mimblewimble implementation to the Litecoin community on December 2nd. It introduces how to ensure privacy in Litecoin by implementing TOR and Coin Join.

Litecoin was picked up this time, but the entire movement to add privacy functions to blockchains, which are currently considered highly transparent, is spreading worldwide.

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The world’s first privacy-focused smartphone equipped with a blockchain OS is taking reservations

Most of the personal information we use is nowadays on our smartphones. When you make a call, the telecommunications company records where you call, and when you send a message, they record who you interact with. And in the worst case, even eavesdropping.

In order to counter such a mechanism, the world’s first blockchain smartphone “Block On Block (BOB)” will appear.

The BOB incorporates an OS that works with the blockchain called Function X, and the BOB itself acts as a blockchain node. BOBs distributed network handle calls, messages, Internet access, etc., so that the privacy of users can be protected without collecting personal information in an organization that processes data centrally.

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We presented the trends of organizations that mainly approach privacy with technology.

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