Privacy News for March 9

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QURAS seeks to protect the privacy of every transaction on the blockchain. In this topic, we will introduce privacy trends in the world that members of the QURAS project have been interested in.

In this issue, we will share privacy news from March 2 to March 9, 2020.

Coinbase CEO Explains How Crypto Will Go from 50 Million to 5 Billion Users

From Cointelegraph — March 6, 2020

The US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is the world’s top trading exchange and is known for its influence on the industry.

In this article, Armstrong says that the digital currency market will reach 5 billion people, among which the spread of scalability, privacy, distributed ID (DID), and developer tools is important.

Armstrong also mentioned the importance of privacy at the beginning of the year, and Coinbase actually deals with DASH and Zcash, which can send privacy-protected money transfers.

Developer Predicts Litecoin Mimblewimble Testnet Launch by September

From Cointelegraph English — March 5, 2020

Litecoin, which is also handled by Japanese exchanges, is trying to incorporate MimbleWimble, a privacy technology.

According to the article, developer David Burkett plans to release MimbleWimble’s Litecoin testnet by the end of the summer.

Eventually, if MimbleWimble is installed on Litecoin’s main net, Litecoin will be able to trade anonymously, and whether it will be discontinued at Japanese exchanges is attracting industry attention.

Utilizing Ethereum blockchain for enterprises, Consensys, Microsoft, etc. new projects

From Cointelegraph Japan — March 5, 2020

Industry-leading blockchain company ConsenSys and leading audit firm EY have announced that they will work with Microsoft to develop a baseline protocol.

The Baseline Protocol is intended to enable businesses to use Ethereum in a practical way, enabling businesses to develop Ethereum-secured businesses without leaving sensitive data on the blockchain.

In addition to the companies mentioned above, the technology management committee of the Baseline Protocol includes AMD of a major semiconductor, ChainLink of a famous blockchain project, MakerDAO of decentralized finance (DeFi), etc. It has become.

QURAS will continue to introduce news that will keep everyone interested in the importance of privacy.

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