Privacy News (November 16, 2019)

QURAS is aiming to bring privacy to transactions on the blockchain.

Generally, high transparency is considered good on the blockchain, but this is traded off for privacy. Recently, however, blockchain privacy has attracted attention.

In this short article, we will share the latest privacy protection trends.

China People’s Bank announced that “Digital RMB is still in the testing stage.”

From The Block Crypto

Currently, the central bank of China is issuing digital currency (CBDC).

Although the country’s organs monitor the people’s speech and behavior, the reports say that `` The issue of the digital renminbi is not intended to control the personal information of Chinese citizens completely, and it will be possible to do transactions anonymously. There is a trend towards ensuring privacy, even with nationally-driven digital currency.

Anonymous fund to donate $75 million in Bitcoin

From Unknown Fund

Many funds are investing in blockchain companies in the world, but the Unknown Fund seems to be a bit different. The fund, which consists of anonymous investors, has issued a press release.

The fund has $ 75 million in bitcoin as an investment fund for startups that protect privacy. In addition to tools to protect personal data and ensure anonymity online, QURAS is also a fit for the blockchain/cryptocurrency field.

This just confirms that the privacy protection trend in the world.

QURAS will continue to develop blockchain with a focus on protecting privacy as it will become a more valuable commodity in the future.

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