Privacy News (November 24, 2019)

Privacy news for this week brought to you by QURAS:

Tor Project Now Accepts Bitcoin Over Lightning Network

he Tor Project, the nonprofit organization behind the anonymous network Tor, announced that it now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) donations via the Lightning Network.

The organization announced that it will accept Lightning Network donations as part of Bitcoin Tuesday, a fundraising initiative led by the crypto-for-charity organization The Giving Block.

The Lightning Network is a layer-2 payment protocol for the Bitcoin network that aims to expedite payments and address the network’s scalability problem.

Human Rights Foundation: Stablecoin Privacy Is ‘Extremely Lackluster’

The non-profit Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has analyzed the censorship and privacy landscape of stablecoins in a report published on Nov. 20.

For privacy coins that are not stablecoins, the largest single-week losses so far this year have ranged between 24% and 34%, the HRF notes; a fact that bolsters the attractiveness of stable-value crypto assets, particularly for citizens in hyperinflationary economies.

Blockchain-based stablecoins do not only provide the stability advantages of the U.S. dollar but can “democratize access to that stability,” according to the report.

The HRF further states that such assets have the potential to free citizens from the deleterious impact of state-imposed capital controls and from centralized oversight by digital payment processors and other bank and non-bank intermediaries.

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