Progress of privacy technologies audit by TECHFUND Inc. — 2nd Report

Since announcing the postponement of the Trusted Setup Ceremony in May 2020, we have been conducting an audit of the revised privacy technologies on the QURAS blockchain under the updated mainnet release policy.

As of August 6, the audit continues to be conducted by TECHFUND.

In our last announcement, we announced that the audit of the ring signatures had been completed and the first round of feedback received. The progress made in a month is as follows:

  1. [Privacy technology] Ring signature correction completed

At the start of the mainnet, zk-SNARKs is embedded in the QURAS blockchain. However, it was disabled, meaning it is not available yet.

This is because blockchains employing zk-SNARKs require a Trusted Setup Ceremony to ensure reliability, and the ceremony must be performed with ample time to prepare. Ensuring this reliability is crucial to the blockchain infrastructure, and this point should not be neglected.

We are also currently adjusting our smart contract fees and node fees in light of market conditions, and those will be audited and modified in the future. As we get to the end of the audit, the things we can’t control will be greatly reduced. Then we will release a new, detailed roadmap.

The next audit progress announcement will be released in approximately a month from now.

Finally, Shigeki Kakutani, our CEO, has a message for the community.

“The audit has been going well. In parallel with the audit, we are also developing a new privacy-protecting function to be incorporated into the smart contract, which is already nearing completion. We will be stepping up our efforts to increase the value of the QURAS project, and we look forward to your support in the future.”



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