Progress of privacy technologies audit by TECHFUND Inc.

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Since announcing the postponement of the Trusted Setup Ceremony in May 2020, we have been conducting an audit of the revised privacy technologies of the QURAS blockchain under the updated mainnet release policy.

The audit is being conducted by TECHFUND Inc. based in Japan. TECHFUND is a technology support company that invests in technology, mainly targeting startups and undertaking equity in return.

The audit we are currently conducting is one of the most important processes for the QURAS project to ensure that “privacy is INDEED protected” because we are committed to privacy on the blockchain.

As of July 1st, the audit of the ring signature has been finished and we have received one feedback from them. We are currently working on revisions to the implementation of the ring signature. We will conduct re-audit.

We will also be auditing other technologies at the same time. We will move on to the main net release of the QURAS blockchain after the audit of the consensus algorithm, TSdBFT, and once all the feedbacks are fixed safely.
Also, the audit of the zk-SNARKs technology itself will be audited by TECHFUND.


TECHFUND is a technology accelerator company with a vision of “make entrepreneurs a major profession.” Instead of investing funds, they are providing technologies, intellectual property rights, etc. In return, they undertake equity.

Their main products include ACCEL INTRA, a cloud service for driving new business development; ACCEL SCORE, a scoring algorithm for evaluating the growth potential of startups and new businesses; and ACCEL BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), which accelerates DApps development by removing the need to acquire individual blockchain knowledge.

TECHFUND has already supported more than 300 startups and more than 30 major companies in Japan, including listed companies, in their new ventures. They have also signed a strategic partnership with JCB in 2020. And their major shareholders include Japanese listed companies such as Nomura Holdings and Asteria.


QURAS is a public blockchain project with a concept of “Secret Contract Platform for Privacy 2.0.”

Today, there is an increase in government and corporate surveillance around the world. There is no exception even in the blockchain.

QURAS aims to protect the privacy of value distributed on the blockchain for the beginning, and eventually the privacy of smart contract code and transactions, as well as data storage.

Most recently, we have entered into a partnership with Moonstake, a staking pool company, to provide staking services promptly from the launch of the mainnet.

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Secret Contract Platform for Privacy 2.0

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