QURAS And TSDBFT Consensus Mechanisms

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Consensus algorithm means consensus building in cryptocurrency transaction, and in QURAS blockchain, the consensus algorithm called, TSDBFT (Transaction Sharing Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus Mechanism) is used to distribute smart contract transactions among nodes and token mangers. The blockchain system is a distribution system, so all nodes are connected by the P2P method, meaning that there is a possibility of nodes connected to blockchain being disconnected at voluntary time. There is also a possibility that nodes disappear due to incorrect documents.

To reach a correct agreement, there is a request in the number of nodes for a case that not all nodes in P2P net are not trustworthy or there are incorrect nodes. For example, assuming the number of consensus node is N whereas the number of incorrect nodes is f, the safety index of blockchain in the blockchain system are determined by N and f. When f is smaller than (N1)/3 in the DBFT algorithm, the QURAS blockchain system is considered safe.

This means correct blocks can be generated without delays even if there are 2 nodes that are either incorrect or malicious out of 7 consensus nodes in QURAS blockchain that executes 7 consensus nodes. Regarding the details on the token fee- sharing method, as explained below, expenses required for executing smart contract are paid by QRG and they are properly distributed based on Common Good which considers projects’ sustainability.

QURAS consensus algorithm is intended to be upgraded in the future. The plan is to implement a mechanism that distributes all of the QRS transaction fees are distributed to users who retain a certain volume of QRS, which is QURAS platform’s key currency, depending on their retained volume using the proof-of-importance-based algorithm. As for load capability for transactions, the current performance is the maximum of approximately 1000TPS, but the plan is to improve the volume in the future. The goal is to have a distributed platform that can handle larger use purposes.

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