QURAS has launched its mainnet!

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After three years of planning, QURAS finally launched Mainnet on December 19th.

On that day, an event called “QURAS blockchain: Mainnet Ignition” was held, and under the signal of QURAS CEO Shigeki Kakutani, the mainnet was launched.

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A scene from QURAS blockchain: Mainnet Ignition

Since the QURAS blockchain’s genesis block (Block#0) was generated manually, the first block generation by the actual protocol started at 21:05:36 (Japan time). The generation of Block#1 can be seen in the Block Explorer.

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The first block generated by the protocol.

As of December 21, 2020, engineers are checking the stability of the QURAS blockchain.

Once all the checks are complete, token swapping will begin in a short period of time, and QURAS coin holders will finally be able to use the blockchain. Please stay tuned for an announcement on the specific start date of the token swap.

The QURAS blockchain uses a dual token model of XQC (QURAS Coin) and XQG (QURAS GAS), and all blockchain users will use XQG as their fee. In addition, the mainnet at this stage can use ring signatures and zk-SNARKs for anonymous transactions of XQC/XQG and tokens.

Initially, we did not plan to include zk-SNARKs at the beginning of the mainnet, but thanks to the efforts of our engineers during the code audit period, we were able to complete the Trusted Setup Ceremony and release it earlier than originally planned. Read more about the Trusted Setup Ceremony in a later release.

Developer Documentation Released

At the same time as the mainnet launch, QURAS has released developer documentation for engineers.

QURAS blockchain smart contracts can be written in C#, a well-known programming language.

A technical overview of QURAS can be found in a presentation by lead developer Alex.

For more information, please refer to the following links:

White paper: https://quras.io/whitepaper/english
Technical White Paper: https://docs.quras.io/en/wp-introduction.html
Getting Started Guide: https://docs.quras.io/en/docs-overview.html
API Guide: https://docs.quras.io/en/api.html
Developer’s Guide: https://docs.quras.io/en/dev-doc/dev-about-quras.html

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