QURAS held a New Year’s Party

On Sunday, 26.01.2020 Quras organized a “New Year’s Party 2Q2Q!”

At the event, there were more than 100 visitors and it was a truly great experience.

Explanation of the QURAS project’s progress

The progress of the QURAS project was presented in a panel discussion format.

During the panel discussion, we had a demonstration of the wallet, a product currently under development was presented along with a description of the latest roadmap.

Wallet demonstration (CEO: Shigeki Kakutani)

In addition, Ken Misuma, CMO, who is usually in charge of overseas operations, also spoke on the platform and expressed his thoughts on global marketing such as partnerships.

Explanation of the partnership with “MUAN” (CMO on the right side — Ken Misuma)

Partner presentation

In the partner presentation, Nariya Takemura, the representative of platinum egg company, which announced the partnership with Quras last November, introduced the game CROSSLINK and showed the progress in development.

Introduction of CROSSLINK

Events during the New Year party

At the New Year’s party, various events took place that allowed participants to enjoy themselves.

At the bodybuilding show, QURAS super idol Eiichi Koyanagi, along with influencer Kenichi Hamasaki, performed together at the venue.

QURAS super idol Eiichi Koyanagi (left) and influencer Kenichi Hamasaki (right)

In the bingo game, hardware wallets such as Cool Wallet and QURAS limited hoodies were presented as prizes. Parka has become so popular that a release request has been made.

Bingo tournament

In the QURAS quiz, people who solved problems related to QURAS quickly and accurately received a gift.


Singer-songwriter Shoichiro Watanabe sang a song titled “To the moon” which he composed.

QURAS song “To the moon” (song by Shoichiro Watanabe)

At the end of the New Year’s Party, CEO Shigeki Kakutani, dressed as Superman, competed with the participants in arm wrestling.

-CEO dressed as Superman — Shigeki Kakutani

Information about QURAS

QURAS will continue to work on the development and adoption of blockchain, with the New Year’s Party as a passing point.

The latest information about QURAS can be obtained from the following URLs. Please follow us. :)

Website: https://quras.io/
Twitter (English): https://twitter.com/qurasofficial
Twitter (Japanese): https://twitter.com/qurasofficialjp
Telegram Group (English): https://t.me/QurasOfficialGroup
Telegram group (Japanese): https://t.me/QurasOfficialGroupJPN
Telegram channel (English): https://t.me/qurasofficial
Telegram channel (Japanese): https://t.me/QurasOfficialCH_JPN

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