QURAS Makes Final Steps to Get The Main Net Up And Running

In this article, we’re going to show you what QURAS is doing to get the main net up and running.

Currently, QURAS is preparing for the Trusted Setup Ceremony, in accordance with the post we made a couple of days ago.

What we do in the ceremony is generating keys for zk-SNARKs.

Once the zk-SNARKs key is generated, the zk-SNARKs will be able to run and the main net will be started.

In order to create a key for zk-SNARKs, you’ll need a master key to base it on.

However, once the master key is in the possession of a particular person, the risk of blockchain tampering arises. This ceremony will be the solution to this problem.

The ceremony will be attended by the QURAS development team and engineers from outside the company. A master key is generated by each participant by executing a dedicated tool. This will ensure that each participant will not be able to grasp the overall master key.

The successful completion of the ceremony will allow us to bring a secure, tamper-proof blockchain to the world.

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Dedicated tools for Trusted Setup Ceremony

At present, there is a delay of several weeks due to the influence of the new coronavirus COVID-19. However, we do not expect a huge delay compared to the original schedule.

In particular, development members live in areas where the infection is severe and their actions are restricted by the government.

Before the ceremony, the tool is currently being validated and peer-reviewed by a third party. Peer review is an important determinant of whether or not the ceremony can be performed reliably. The peer reviewers also reside in areas of severe infection and are affected by COVID-19.

The announcement of the ceremony date was originally scheduled to be made at the time this article was released, but we apologize for the delay. The final details and date of the ceremony will be announced in mid-April.

Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to your continued support.
In order to be the first to know what QURAS is going to do in the future, we invite you to join us on our social media accounts. Thank you for your attention!

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