This month, we entered Q1 2020 (January to March).

Q1 2020 will be the phase in which the QURAS project will continue to work on the main net launch (start of operation). In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what’s already done on the roadmap.

Roadmap for Q1 2020

  • QURAS DApps test launch
  • Main net launch of QURAS blockchain
  • Zero-knowledge proof and ring signature implementation for other functions of smart contract

2020 Q1 roadmap commentary

QURAS DApps test launch

QURAS is developing original DApps (Decentralized Applications).

QURAS DApps is designed to make using digital currencies more convenient and fun.

In addition to wallets and messengers, DApps will include OTC (user-to-user direct transactions), location-linked airdrops, and XQC and XQG payment features.

By using DApps, you can receive health and diet proposals as well as digital currency depending on the number of steps you made that day. You can also participate in campaigns by seeing advertisements for restaurants and retailers, receive special offers, and pay in stores with cryptocurrencies.

In Q1 2020, we will make this DApps more practical by making a test launch.

Main net launch of QURAS blockchain

The main net launch of the QURAS blockchain is the main event of Q1 2020.

The main net launch will be conducted after the QURAS blockchain code audit and code modification based on the audit results.

The mainnet allows developers to provide services that handle sensitive transactions even when using the blockchain. Also, when a transaction occurs for a service or token that you create, you will be able to receive commission reduction at the protocol level.

When the mainnet is launched, a testnet for developers and a mainnet for running production services will be provided in parallel. Along with that, wallets and block explorers will be provided for test net and main net.

Prior to the operation of the mainnet, some developer documentation has already been released, and the source code has been made available on GitHub. The developer documentation will be available in more languages.

If you are interested in development using QURAS blockchain, please take a look at this opportunity.

Developer documentation:


Zero-knowledge proof and ring signature to be implemented for other functions of smart contract

At the beginning of the QURAS main net launch, the privacy protection target with zero-knowledge proof and ring signature will be transactions of XQC / XQG coin and token exchange and smart contract execution.

This is only a small part of QURAS’s goal of privacy protection.

In Q1 2020, we will expand the scope of protection by privacy technology to non-transactions such as smart contract codes.

The above is the content of the QURAS initiatives in Q1 2020.

Depending on the development status of the blockchain, the above timing may change, and additional roadmaps may be announced.

Therefore, we recommend that you follow the social media accounts of the QURAS project and check the status regularly.



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