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As of July 1, 2019, the QURAS test net has been released.

At this stage, the test net is not open for the public, and it is being used internally, within the company. The test net will be released to partners who want a trial after implementation of Ring CT, following the roadmap announced last year.

QURAS has released two products for the test net — Wallet and Block Explorer.

QURAS Wallet

Five types of QURAS wallets will be released. In addition to PC and smartphone OS, a web wallet will be released too.

Those already released as of June 30, 2019, are PC (Windows / Mac) and Web wallet.

Among them, the wallet for Windows is released as a full node wallet. A full node wallet can store data for all blocks and verify the validity of transaction data directly locally. As a result, transaction information can be verified faster.

Other wallets will be released as light wallets. Because it is lighter, transaction verification is slightly slower than a full node wallet.

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Windows wallet screen (version

QURAS wallet download:

QURAS Block Explorer

Block Explorer is a QURAS blockchain monitoring tool. You can refer to the block generation status and transaction information.

In QURAS, the block generation time is 15 seconds, so new block information is added to the Block Explorer every 15 seconds. You can check the transaction information of the breakdown from the generated block information.

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Transaction example

Assets can also display information on QURAS blockchain coins and tokens issued on the QURAS blockchain.

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Example of coin token on QURAS blockchain

In addition, various information can be referred to in the Block Explorer. There are many features that are not fully implemented yet, but we are working hard to make it all happen.

QURAS Block Explorer:

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