QURAS Took The Stage at the Digital Asset Conference in Shenzhen, China

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Happy Halloween!

QURAS participated in the Digital Asset Conference held in Shenzhen, China on October 30, 2019.

This Digital Asset Conference was hosted by Zebra Global, the main sponsor of OKEx group company 99EX, and was held as a large-scale event with 1,000 participants.

QURAS CEO & Founder Shigeki Kakutani spoke about the project dressed as Superman.

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Founder & CEO: Shigeki Kakutani

In the speech, we explained that QURAS is equipped with the world’s first anonymous smart contract, which can respond to a wide range of privacy protection needs by using multiple anonymous technologies, and a mechanism that returns transaction fees to the project in order to make them sustainable.

He also mentioned that the QURAS Project is spreading QURAS Coin (XQC) payment stores in Japan, and introduced the number of stores and stores scheduled for payment.

As for the speech content, the audience was very interested in the world’s first anonymous smart contract platform and a mechanism to return transaction fees to the project.

After Shigeki’s speech, a Halloween performance was made by QURAS members.

In the performance, EIICHI which is a QURAS supermodel dressed as Kaonashi (a character of the movie “Spirited Away”) started from a scene where QURAS influencer Kenichi Hamasaki, dressed as a ninja, spoke to EIICHI.

At the venue, Halloween-style goodies were distributed, making the event a little different than usual.

Thank you for reading! We had a great time at the party, and in case you were not there — we hope you’ll join us next year!

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