Technical Audit Progress and Mainnet Launch Schedule

Progress since the Third Report

In the third report, we described that we had finalized the specifications after adjusting the smart contract fees and node fees, and that we were about to launch the beta net and, if there were no problems, we would start the final audit.

What we do before the mainnet launch

We will now be digesting the remaining tasks until the audit and the mainnet launch. We started on the remaining audit items on November 4.

  • Re-audit after smart contract functionality is fixed
  • Web Wallet Audit
  • Windows Wallet auditing (primarily a multi-signature feature)

Message from QURAS CEO Shigeki Kakutani

It has been three years since QURAS was launched in 2017. And the blockchain that we originally planned to protect all kinds of privacy on the blockchain’ is now just before launch.



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