The History of Blockchain — How it All Started PART 3

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Following parts 1 and 2, here’s a finalized word about the history of Blockchain.

2015: Hyperledger

In 2015, the Linux Foundation unveiled an Umbrella project of open-source blockchain. They went on to call it Hyperledger, which even today acts as collaborative development of distributed ledgers. Hyperledger sought to advance cross-industry collaboration for the development of Blockchain and distributed ledgers.

Hyperledger focus is to support the use of blockchain technology to improve the performance and reliability of popular systems to support global business transactions.

2017: EOS

EOS is the brainchild of a private company It came into being in 2017, after the publishing of a white paper detailing a new blockchain protocol powered by an EOS as the native cryptocurrency. Unlike different blockchain protocols, EOS tries to emulate attributes of real computers, including CPU and GPU.

For this reason, EOS.IO doubles up as a smart contract platform as well as a decentralized operating system. Its main aim is to support the deployment of decentralized applications through an autonomous decentralized corporation.

2018: Blockchain and The Future

Blockchain technology future seems bright in part due to the way governments and enterprise are financing it, as they seek to encourage innovations and applications. It is becoming more evident that one day, there will be a public blockchain that anyone could utilize.

Supporters expect the technology to improve the automation of most tasks currently handled by professionals in all sectors. The technology is already finding excellent use in supply management as well as in the cloud computing business.

As the technology evolves, it is expected that at least one business built on Blockchain to become valued at more than $10 billion by 2022. The researchers expect business value because of the digital ledger technology to grow to over $176 billion by 2025 and exceed the $3.1 trillion by 2030.

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