What QURAS Is Doing To Get The Mainnet Up And Running

QURAS has completed a code audit of the blockchain and is in the final stages of going live on the mainnet.

The biggest question about running the mainnet is: “Can the blockchain be trusted?”

The QURAS blockchain uses zk-SNARKs as one of its privacy technologies, which raises the bar when it comes to this issue.

Since zk-SNARKs uses Trusted Setup, it first generates a master key, which is then used to generate the final key for zk-SNARKs.

However, the existence of a master key can create a security vulnerability. That is, the master key allows you to peek into other people’s anonymous transactions and further alter them.

Your transactions on the QURAS platform cannot be fully trusted as long as it has the abovementioned weakness. Therefore, we need to dispose of the master key in a way that everyone can admit.

This was also stated in a QURAS white paper, which stated:

“The proof generation and the verification of zk-SNARK request a proof key (pk) and a verification key (vk) that are generated from a certain secret value R and the program C. This R is called a toxic waste. QURAS’ toxic waste will be generated from trusted multi-parties and completely disposed of.”

Initially, QURAS was going to generate the master key, toxic waste R, internally in the project, and then generate a further key for zk-SNARK, and then dispose of the R. However, this still comes with reliability issues.

That is, the question arises are we sure that R is being disposed of correctly and that R is not being backed up? This issue can be difficult to solve because of the need for constant supervision by a supervisor.

Therefore, QURAS has decided to hold a Trust Setup ceremony. The ceremony allows the master key, toxic waste R, to be generated “in a way that people can’t identify” and takes the same approach as completely disposing of R.

This approach requires the involvement of many people and can take anywhere from half a month to up to a month’s time, which is inevitable if the QURAS blockchain is to remain up and running for decades to come.

Details and dates for the ceremony will be announced in the coming week. We apologize for the long wait, but we would like to thank everyone in the community for their continued support.

In order to be the first to know what QURAS is going to do in the future, we invite you to join us on our social media channels. We hope you will join us.

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