Why Will Blockchain Bring More Significant Changes Than the Dot-Com Bubble

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When we look back at our history, we can find clear reasons why should we invest in the blockchain. In this blog post, we will go through our history and draw clear conclusions regarding the technology and ways it can help us change the future.

History Flows

When we look at the wider picture, there seems to be one constant direction in human history. Humankind seems to be moving from centralization towards decentralization. Our degree of freedom has been increasing over time, especially in the last three decades.

Today there are still some kingdoms, but hundreds of years ago all nations of the world were ruled by kings or religious leaders. Naturally, all power was concentrated in that one individual who was usually selected by heredity. Nowadays, democracy has taken over, and power is transferring to the citizens. As power gets in the hands of the people, so is capital. The development of capitalism has created opportunities for the common people to accumulate wealth and only the nobility possessed in the past.

The knowledge is no longer constricted to the selected few, it has also moved from centralization to decentralization. In the past, knowledge was exclusively for the higher classes and was transferred by the oral or written word. The invention of the printing press has helped spread the knowledge, and with the invention of the internet, learning became way more accessible. Today, anyone with the internet connection can learn anything, and usually for free.

The Game Changer

The technology is the most influential factor that has shaped the 21st century (so far). The Internet age has brought us a higher degree of individual freedom. Even during the middle of the 20th century, the freedom of speech was obstructed and the media were closer to propaganda than the actual news. But today, the individuals can share their thoughts on social media, drastically improving the freedom of speech. And with popular search engines, the information became available in the second, allowing us to rely on the technology with ease.

But, despite all of these advances, we still have 1% vs. 99% movement, and the gap between the rich and poor remains vast.

Is The Blockchain a New Hope?

The appearance of the Internet has made it possible to exchange information easily, creating a massive dot-com bubble. Blockchain, on the other hand, is made for easy VALUE exchange. The transfer of value has been one of the most important powers that central institutions had. This model has made people accept exchange rates, taxes and other ways institutions used to exert force.

Blockchain changes the game and decentralizes the value exchange. The value exchange and smart contracts are conducted directly between individuals, and no central body gives guarantees — the network itself is a guarantee. This the fundamental reason why blockchain is different than any other technological advancement so far. The direct exchange of value between the people is something we all could benefit from and change our lives for the better. This process can create a wave of changes much more significant than the one brought by the dot-com bubble, allowing us to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.

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