Will AI Take Over Jobs And If So — Which Ones?

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The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the landscape of many industries (especially technology-focused) by helping reduce the number of manual skills needed to get the job done. Companies are increasingly employing AI to improve workplace productivity and profits.

The work of Artificial Intelligence started back in 1930, and the research saw a significant breakthrough in 1956 when the goal to empower machines with enough intelligence to carry out labor tasks was set.

Over the years, AI has advanced a lot, so much that their abilities have been able to copy human actions and even went a step further — into future event predictions. Many people believe that machines will eventually take over human jobs, leading to increased unemployment and unstable societies.

The Jobs That AI May Replace

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently researched the industries that AI could potentially disrupt following the progress made in the field. The report they published revealed that although AI will take some jobs from humans, it will also create new jobs for us to fill.

According to the report, 1.8 million traditional jobs will be taken by AI — but 2.3 million new jobs will be created in their place. The report suggests that employees should start preparing for this change in the job market by learning new skills that are complementary to AI technologies.

Here is a list of all jobs AI may replace:

Customer Service Jobs

In an attempt to properly service customers, businesses are making investments into systems that can help reduce customer waiting time. AI bots were developed to tackle this issue. AI service is always on and listens to customer complaints, unlike human service which is often unavailable because the operators are helping another customer. The bots with AI can serve multiple customers at once, cutting the waiting time to zero.


With digitalization, direct phone sales became a less popular choice. With plenty of digital platforms available, companies can do marketing and get analytics with the help of AI. This move will eventually lead to way better results of AI telemarketing, making humans obsolete in this line of business.

Sales & Market Research

Some parts of the sale and market research industry are starting to get taken over by AI. With digital transactions and e-commerce, millions of data are being created, which makes it impossible to analyze for humans. AI can analyze the data and create reports with a small error rate, unlike humans that take a lot of time and have a higher error rate.


The accounting is another industry going towards AI. Bookkeeping is one of the first industries that are going to get taken over by AI. Many businesses use some sort of accounting software or for data entry, analysis, and other needs. AI can help eliminate the errors human make and ensure that companies have reliable and accurate accounting done faster and cheaper.


The AI technology may not take over these industries in the short-term, but it is inevitable that the effects of AI on the market will start to show soon. Although many remain concerned about the detrimental effects of AI development, there is a lot of advantages AI could bring to the world. Proponents of AI strongly believe that not only humans will adapt and get new skill sets, but also thrive and advance.

What do you think about AI? Is it something to look forward to or something to be concerned about? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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