XQC ERC-20 to XQC token swap is here!

2 min readJan 13, 2021

We launched the QURAS mainnet on December 19, 2020. And we will start the token swap around January 20th, 2021. The token swap exchange ERC20 XQC for Native XQC. ERC20 XQC tokens are burned.

After the token swap, You can automatically stake XQC coin and you will earn XQG which is the GAS coins of the QURAS blockchain, as a staking reward.

Token swap can be done on the official QURAS wallet and on the CoinTiger which is the cryptocurrency exchange.

Token swap using the official wallet

Token swap using the official QURAS wallet can be executed with the “QURAS Wallet+”, which is compatible with iOS and Android. This wallet is different from the existing one. Therefore, if you have an existing QURAS Wallet, please DO NOT delete it. you just need to send your XQC ERC-20 token to the new address. simple transactions.

You can deposit ERC20 XQC into the QURAS Wallet+ and get Native XQC by using the swap function. You will require GAS (ETH) to transfer ERC20 XQC for the swap.

The swap is scheduled to last until July 2021. You have plenty of time to execute the swap safely when you are ready.

Where to get QURAS Wallet +:

iOS: <We will update the store URL when it is published.>

Android: <We will update the store URL when it is published.>

Release date of QURAS Wallet +: January 18–20, 2021

Token swap on the CoinTiger

A token swap on cryptocurrency exchanges is performed by CoinTiger. When the swap date arrives, the already deposited ERC20 XQC will be automatically swapped to Native XQC.

Please note that once the swap is executed, you can only deposit Native XQC in CoinTiger.

Please wait for CoinTiger’s announcement about the swap on CoinTiger.

Announcement page: <We will update the announcement URL when it is published.>

In addition, the handling of Bithumb Global and BiKi will be under review as of January 12, 2021.