XQC has listed on Mooniswap which is a decentralized exchange (DEX). This is the second DEX listing for XQC, following Uniswap v2.

What is Mooniswap?

Mooniswap is a swap type DEX by 1inch that offers DEX aggregate services. It features a cutting-edge automated market maker (“AMM”) that redistributes revenue to liquidity pools and protects projects and traders from front-running attacks using user slippage.

Unlike other DEXs, Mooniswap allows liquidity providers who provide liquidity to earn a portion of the price slippage profits. This mechanism increases the revenue earned by liquidity providers by 50–200% compared to Uniswap v2. It also provides an affiliate feature, which is rare for DEX, allowing users to earn 0.015% of the 0.3% fee.

Trading XQC on Mooniswap

The requirements for trading on Mooniswap are the same as in Uniswap v2, you will need to use a browser connected wallets such as Metamask and a “fair amount” of ETH for the GAS.

As of Oct 17, 2020, there is liquidity provided to Mooniswap for the XQC/ETH pair. Here’s an example of a trade for the XQC/ETH pair:

  1. Access the Mooniswap and connect your Ethereum wallet (such as Metamask).
  2. Enter the quantity of ETH and click “Select a token”.
  3. Enter the XQC contract address in the “Select a token” field. Then click “I understand” on the warning display.
    XQC’s contract address: 0x70da48f4b7e83c386ef983d4cef4e58c2c09d8ac
  4. Enter the quantity of XQC and click ”Swap”. On the subsequent confirmation screen and the Ethereum wallet confirmation screen, accept the transaction.

Also, you can provide liquidity to Mooniswap. You can see which liquidity is currently being provided from Mooniswap.info. Compared to Uniswap v2, Mooniswap pays more liquidity provider fees, so if XQC trades actively on Mooniswap, you’ll earn a lot of commission fees.

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