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XQC has been listed on the decentralized exchange Uniswap v2 (“Uniswap”).

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens. A mechanism is in place to allow users to provide liquidity to the exchange, which solves the lack of liquidity that has been a problem for decentralized exchanges. It has already surpassed the trading volume of U.S. largest Coinbase Pro, and is expected to become the world’s leading DeFi hub.

Why this timing?

The QURAS blockchain mainnet is planned to be launched in November, after which ERC20 XQC will be swapped to native tokens. Once swapped, XQC will be available on the QURAS platform. Meanwhile, the Ethereum platform on which ERC20 XQC is currently circulating is significantly growing. And DeFi is becoming especially popular there.

Since DeFi is a particularly promising area of blockchain, we wondered if it would be possible to integrate QURAS into Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem. We came up with the idea of utilizing the current ERC20 XQC.

We will announce the specifics to the Ethereum DeFi integration as soon as the details are clearly fixed.

Trading XQC on Uniswap

When trading on Uniswap, a browser-connected wallet such as Metamask is required and a “fair amount” of ETH is required for the GAS.

As of October 4, 2020, Uniswap has a liquidity supply of XQC-ETH, allowing users to trade in XQC/ETH pairs. The availability of liquidity and XQC trading information can be found on Uniswap Info (XQC).

Since XQC is not currently listed in Uniswap’s token list, you should enter the XQC contract address for the token designation at the time of the transaction.

XQC contract address: 0x70da48f4B7e83c386ef983D4CEF4e58c2c09D8Ac

Please note that the ethereum network is currently chronically congested, so Uniswap’s transaction fees are high, so be careful when using Uniswap!

You are also free to supply Uniswap with your own liquidity in XQC-ETH or any other pair. If a trade occurs using the liquidity you provide, you will earn a portion of the transaction fee.

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